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In this episode, Saidah speaks with Lohanne Cook about her hobbies, and how she finds the confidence to share her talents with the world!


Connect with Lohanne:

Podcast IG: @thenerdmix

Podcast Twitter: @thenerdmix

Personal Twitter: @bitofrandmtruth


This Episode's charge:

Go live on FB or IG, or call/facetime a family member or friend, and share your hobby with them. Share what excites you about your hobby, and what goes into the day-to-day.

This Episode's affirmation:

"I am talented, and I am ready to share my gifts with the world."



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  1. Joining our Facebook Group: BGNL2 Group


  1. Leaving a voicemail by calling 858-413-7388


  1. Send us an email at podcast [at] smmediaent [dot] com



This episode is produced and sponsored by SM Media Enterprise.

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