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Have you ever felt like you just needed a complete change from what you were currently doing in your life? Denese did, and her radical change led to a life full of self love. Join Saidah as she speaks with Denese about her journey to loving herself. 


Connect with Denese:

Personal FB: Denese Duran

Personal IG/Twitter: @DeneseDuran82


This Episode's charge:

Sit and reflect on two things: the things you absolutely love about yourself, and the thing you're not so happy with. 


Once you've done that then: 1. Write a love letter to yourself expressing all of the things you love, and then 2. Map out some of those things you are not so proud of, and make a plan to change them.

This Episode's affirmation:

"I am perfectly imperfect, and that's ok!"



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